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We work with the highest standards in the production of honey, propolis and wax.

We facilitate the work of bees to extract the delicacy of the flowers, providing everything you need in a healthy environment without interfering with the natural process of their work; managing native forests sustainably and protecting them from contamination.

Honey from Native Forest and Natural Prairies

The honey our bees produce is readily available in 2 formats: 300 kg barrels and 1 kg screw cap PET bottles. Further formats and specifications are available upon request.


Propolis who process our bees, we presented in two formats; raw, the kilo; and soft extract per kilo. Propolis has been subjected to strict cleaning and control, distinguishing this product for safety and quality.


Since we process our own beeswax, we guarantee its quality and harmlessness. Given that we keep a surplus of it, we can sell it in the cell-layer format or roughly melted.

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