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We work with the highest standards in the production of honey, propolis and wax.

We facilitate the work of bees to extract the delicacy of the flowers, providing everything you need in a healthy environment without interfering with the natural process of their work; managing native forests sustainably and protecting them from contamination.

About Us...

31 years ago, my husband and I ventured into the beekeeping business with 36 beehives, and kept growing and falling in love with this work, until we created this society in 2008.

We keep our hives in the area of Talca, Chile; during Spring we take them to the Coast, and in Summer to the Andes, all this located in the VII Región del Maule, Central Chile. Therefore, our bees are kept away from any type of man-grown farms (at least 2 miles away), right in the middle of native forest and natural prairies and valleys.

In order to exclude any contamination possibility, we’ve ensured the following actions: Our single harvesting room has been authorized by Chile’s Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG, Spanish short), we don’t operate with beehives from any third party and, lastly, we process our own beeswaxand do not give pollination service .

Since 2005 the firm has been registered in Ramex (Chilean Record of Exportable Honey Producers and Beekeepers). Ever since, our honey and propolis has been sold to exporters (specially sent to Hamburg, Germany) and to pharmaceutical laboratories.

Nowadays, our farm reaches between 1,100 and 1,200 beehives. We offer honey, propolis and beeswax to quality and innocuity demanding markets.


Claudia Hasbun

CEO El Canelo Ltda.

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