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We work with the highest standards in the production of honey, propolis and wax.

We facilitate the work of the bees so that they extract the delicacy from the flowers, providing them with everything they need in a healthy environment, without interfering in the natural process of their work; managing native forests sustainably and protecting them from all contamination.

Honey from Native Forest and Natural Prairie

Thehoneythat our bees produce we offer it in two formats: in300 kg drumsand in1 kg Pet containerwith screw cap. We have the infrastructure and willingness if the client needs another specification.


Thepropolisthat our bees process, we present it in two formats;raw, per kilo; Yin soft extractper kilo.

The propolis has been subjected to a strict process ofcleaning and control, distinguishing this product for itssafety and quality.


Since we process our ownwax, is that we can take responsibility for its safety and quality. And also from that moment, it is that we have a surplus, which we sell, eitherrolled or raw. In addition we offer akitto make your ownwax print.

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