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We work with the highest standards in the production of honey, propolis and wax.

We facilitate the work of the bees so that they extract the delicacy from the flowers, providing them with everything they need in a healthy environment, without interfering in the natural process of their work; managing native forests sustainably and protecting them from all contamination.


Honey from Native Forest and Natural Prairie

  • Thehoneythat our bees produce we offer it in two formats: in drums of300 kilogramsand in a PET container of1 kilogramwith screw cap. We have the infrastructure and willingness if the client needs another specification.



  • We present the propolis processed by our bees in two formats;raw,in bags of one kilo, in boxes of 10 kilos; y insoft extract (1/2 Kg of propolis macerated and dissolved in a kilo de propylene glycol USP) per kilo.

Wax and Stamping Kit

10 years ago, an elderly French beekeeper taught us his wax stamping process. We quickly prejudiced that it was not useful for us, we consider it very handmade. Until one day, after having sent our wax to be stamped, we realized that the bees were not working on it. In the urgency, we remember this good beekeeper and experiment. Since then, we have never had a problem again and it has been so successful, due to its high performance and minimal effort, that we have promoted the system to such an extent that we import embossing rolls to be able to sell thefull kit. Which consists of:

- A stamping roller.

- Poplar table with handle.

- Cutting template.

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